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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are you running for office?

I’m currently a Computing major at ETSU with a concentration in Computer Science. My wife is a Mathematician performing Data Analytics at Eastman with working knowledge of Machine Learning for ‘big data’. Simply put, we are wholly invested in the careers and technology of tomorrow.

The technology-centered career paths we chose are in high demand across the United States – just not so much here. You see, Johnson City is below the national average when it comes to high-tech jobs. It’s not due to a lack of resources – we exist in a prime national location, house a renowned university, have a revitalized culture in our city’s core, and as of 2018 will be home to a fiber-based municipal broadband network. Instead, this lack of innovation is due to a lack of vision – a technology-oriented vision that must be part of any serious development planning for a modern city. Our long-term development strategy hinges on brick-and-mortar chain retail, a shrinking market that has failed to innovate and offers little more than low wages and future bankruptcy sales.

Like most residents, I love Johnson City and want to see it thrive. I want to raise children and eventually retire here. However, if we do not adapt to our new technology-infused reality, Johnson City will not remain a thriving community for the next generation. After much prayer and insight from peers and mentors, it became apparent that the best way to start a real community discussion was to run for office myself.

Win or lose, I look forward to opening a constructive dialogue on the biggest issues facing our community.

Where can I find your Policy Stances?

Quick-glance sheets of policy positions are a disservice to you as a voter. Simply put, they do not contain nearly enough information to convey an informed stance.

A rule of thumb: if your representative is not informed enough to at least briefly write about the subject matter, they are not informed enough to vote on it.

Instead of providing politically expedient quips on a sheet of paper, I will occasionally blog about issues – see the link on the sidebar to find that blog. This is a much more effective means of conveying thoughts, goals, and desires.

If there is a local issue you want to see discussed, use any method of contact found on my page and let me know.

But you are so young. Why should I take that risk?

Looking at recent trends, the average age of a Johnson City Commissioner is approximately 59. I will be 23 at the time of the election and 27 at the expiry of the elected term.

I understand the hesitation about placing the trust of an economy 67,000 strong into the hands of a man who still pays age-based rates for a rental car. As extremely young professionals, the careers of my wife and I are defined by the need and ability to constantly prove ourselves alongside our naturally older peers and colleagues.

In that aspect, this election is no different – you, as a voter, are completely justified in having reservations about electing a young commissioner and should, as always, do ample research before reaching a conclusion. If you have any doubts or concerns, contact me. Tell me what you care about. Let’s discuss problems and solutions. Make an informed decision on whether I am the right individual for the role.

Above all: In this election and every election, make your representatives earn your votes.